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Storey County Nevada Death & Birth records, 1862-1903

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Storey County, Nevada Vital Records 1862 - 1914 Gold, silver - the "life and breath" of early Nevadans. No place was this more apparent than in Storey County. Starting in the early 1860's, Virginia City and Gold Hill, the two primary towns of Storey County, grew rapidly into boomtowns, their populations swelling with miners, merchants and their families. The residents of Storey County were a diverse group, the wealthy, the poor, the educated and those who signed their name with an "X". They represented a variety of races, religions and came from all over the United States plus large populations of Chinese, Irish, Welsh and Germans, as well as many others. Virginia City's population in the 19th century grew from less than 7,000 in 1860 to 75,000 by 1875. The city boasted an opera house, fine schools, an orphanage, restaurants, numerous churches, fraternal organizations, a fire department and stores of every description. Gold Hill, though a much smaller community, had similar successes, its population reaching about 8,000 by the mid 1870's. "Storey County Vitals" contains over 6,700 19th and early 20th century birth, death and burial records for Virginia City, Gold Hill and the surrounding area including: Lousetown, Divide, American City, Devil's Gate and Six Mile Canyon - all within few miles of Gold Hill and Virginia City. These records contain thousands more individual names. The following records are contained in this database and are available on microfilm at the Nevada State Library in Carson City, Nevada:

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Storey County Birth Records 1879 - 1911** The title on this microfilm is misleading. Due to addendums and affidavits filed as late as the 1960's - the actual birth range on these records is1874-1914. Records vary in completeness and contain information in some or all of the following fields: Father's Name/ Mother's Name/ Child's Name/ Date of Birth/ Gender/ Page Location/ Additional Notes i.e. affidavits, proof of birth, etc. Gold Hill Civil Burial Records 1862 - 1900 These records contain: Name/ Place of Origin/Burial Date/Cemetery and Cemetery Section. Cemeteries included are: Gold Hill Cemetery, Catholic Cemetery, New Catholic Cemetery, IOOF Cemetery and Masonic Cemetery. Storey County Burial Records 1862 - 1900 Records contain: Name/ Place of Birth/ Date of Death/ Age/ Page No./ and any notes concerning occupation, cause of death, disposition of body, etc. Storey County Vitals 1882 - 1911 These death records contain: Decedent's Name/ Burial date/ Native of/ Age/ Names of Witnesses or Notations/ Volume and Page number locations. St. John's Episcopal Church Burial Records, Gold Hill, Nv. 1862 - 1880 The first Episcopal service in Gold Hill was held by the Rev. Franklin S. Rising in the old school house on May 10, 1862. On the 8th of July the Parish was regularly organized under the name of St. John's and a vestry was elected. Services were held in a theatre, Odd Fellow's Hall and the School House until a church was finally built with first services on June 20, 1864. These burial records are taken from the Parish Register. These records contain: Name/ Burial Date/ Record No./ Register Page No./Residence/Remarks i.e. cause of death, where they were buried, etc. Storey County Coroner's Records 1879 -1887 These records contain: Name/ Nativity/ Gender/ Age/ Date of Death/ Page No. Location **Please note that even though some of the birth records extend past 1903 we have not included them due to privacy issues.

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