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 OHIO DEATHS, 1970-88

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Ohio Deaths, 1970-88

Death records for Ohio from 1970 to 1988.


This database, with over 1.5 million names, lists those who passed away between 1970 and 1988 in the state of Ohio. The electronic data was provided by the Ohio Department of Health. It fills a void in searching for ancestors from Ohio, and can be an extremely valuable tool to researchers. Names of the deceased, place of residence, location at time of death, death date, age, and other important information is provided.

Extended Description

Use the information below to obtain death certificates from the state of Ohio:

Ohio Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
PO Box 15098
Columbus, OH 43215-0098
MAIN TELEPHONE: 614-466-2531
FACSIMILE: 614-466-6604
HOURS: 7:45AM-4:30PM

General Note: Please contact the Ohio Department of Health for current fees. The search includes a ten-year period.

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