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Swanton, Vermont Directory 1886-87

Directory listing more than 620 names for Swanton, Vermont from 1886-87.


Located in northwestern Vermont, the town of Swanton forms part of Franklin County. This database is a transcription of a directory originally published in 1886. In addition to providing the residents' names, it provides their addresses and occupational information. The database includes more than 620 names, mostly heads of household.

Extended Description

Abbreviations used in this work:

ab--above. ave--avenue. bet--between. b. or bds--boards. c. or cor.--corner. C. V. R. R.--Central Vermont Railroad. do --ditto. E.--East. Ex.--Express. ft.--foot. h--house. ins-- insurance. Junc.--Junction. B. & L. R. R.--Boston & Lowell R R. N.--North. n--near. O. & L. C. R. R.--Ogdensburgh and Lake Champlain Railroad. opp.--opposite. P. O.--Post Office. r-- rear. S.--South. St.--Street. Tel.--Telegraph. W.--West.

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