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Montpelier, Vermont Directory 1890-91

Directory listing more than twenty-two thousand names for Montpelier, Vermont from 1890-91.


Located in central Vermont, the town of Montpelier forms part of Washington County. This database is a transcription of a directory originally published in 1890. In addition to providing the residents' names, it provides their addresses and occupational information. The database includes more than twenty-two thousand names, mostly heads of household.

Extended Description

Abbreviations used in this work:

Ab, above; h, house; b, or bds, boards; av, avenue; do, ditto; N., north; S., south; E., east; W., West; C. V. R. R, Central Vermont Railroad; M. & W. R. R, Montpelier and Wells River Railroad; col'd., colored, nr., near; c, or cor., corner; r, rear; ov., over; opp, opposite; hd. head; ft, foot; em, employed; res, resides; rem, removed; n s, north side; e s; east side; s s, south side; w s. west side. The word street is implied.
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