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Utah Cemeteries

Utah Cemetery information compiled by the Utah State Historical Society.


Utah was settled in 1847 by Mormon pioneers. It became the 46th state in 1896. This database contains information for more than 500 cemeteries in Utah. Details included cemetery name, address, directions, cemetery owner, contact information, number of burials, date established and more. There are currently 250 of these cemeteries included in the Utah Cemetery Inventory database found on Ancestry.com.

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Used by permission; copyright Utah State Historical Society, all rights reserved.
 •  Utah County, Utah Cemetery Index  Index of 80,000 records collected from Utah cemeteries
 •  Grantsville, Tooele County, Utah Cemetery, 1846-1999   This is an extraction of the Granstville, Tooele County Utah cemetery 1846 - 1999
 •  Utah Cemetery Inventory  Cemetery and tombstone information compiled by the Utah State Historical Society.
 •  U.S. County History Catalog  Thousands of county histories organized by state and county
 •  Conquerors of the West: Stalwart Mormon Pioneers, Vols. 1-2  
 •  Pacific Coast Directory, 1867  Pacific Coast Business Directory of 25,200 names for 1867
 •  Utah Pioneers, 1847-50  Index of pioneers to Utah between 1847 and 1850, created by the Sons of Utah Pioneers.
 •  Monterey, California Census, 1850-60  State and federal census records from Monterey County in 1850, 1852, and 1860
 •  Johnson County, Texas, Cemetery Inscriptions  Cemetery inscriptions from Hopewell Cemetery, Boatright Cemetery, and Antioch Cemetery.
 •  New York City, Lutheran Church Records, 1834-54  Variety of church records from a New York City Lutheran church

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