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Daviess County, Missouri Marriages, 1836-55


This book contains marriage records from Daviess County, which is located in the northern part of Missouri. It includes marriages from the years 1836-55 (the county was formed in 1836). The database was compiled by long-time genealogical researcher Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry and is part of the growing Ellsberry Collection at Ancestry.com. It contains more than 600 names. Researchers will find, at a minimum, the names of both bride and groom and the marriage date.

Extended Description

Ms. Ellsberry began genealogical publication in 1958, when she published her own family history, The Warrens and You. In researching her own family, she found that libraries needed additional information from cemetery records, wills, land records, probate records, census records, etc., to help people with their family history. Ellsberry decided that she wanted to help by publishing books that contained solid genealogical data. She taught school for 34 years, but on weekends and summer vacation, she would travel around to different courthouses and cemeteries, recording the information she found. She also corresponded with several researchers and helped them in their research. Ellsberry self-published more than 300 books, and most of them are available for sale.

Most of the compilation of these books took place between 1958 and into the 1970s, so the recorded information should include the cemetery and/or courthouse records of that time period.


Ms. Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry
P.O. Box 206
Chillicothe, MO 64601

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