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New York Supreme Court Plaintiffs, 1824-1911

An extraction of New York Chancery and Supreme Court records for much of the 19th century.


The data in this collection was gathered from the holdings of the New York County Clerk's Office; it was housed at a separate physical location called the "Division of Old Records." It is a record of about 20,400 corporate plaintiffs who took part in proceedings of New York Supreme Court between 1824 and 1911. The database includes the following information: names of corporate plaintiffs, the name of the defendant in each case, the nature of each case, and reference information for locating each case file.

Extended Description

Holdings: The building that houses the older records of the New York County Clerk's Office was formerly known as the "Hall of Records." The office called "The Division of Old Records" holds only the older records of the New York State Supreme Court in New York County and other courts that preceded it historically, as well as certain other materials.

Historical Note: Since colonial times, Manhattan has been in New York County, and until 1898, Manhattan was the only county in New York City. The records in the Division of Old Records represent only Manhattan, except for the colonial period and the late 1700s. There are also some records from those sections of Westchester County that were added to New York County beginning in 1874, and which became Bronx County in 1914.

For information on obtaining copies of individual records or files, send a specific research request to: New York County Clerk, Room 103B, 60 Centre St., New York, NY 10007-1402. (Note: Be sure to describe the type of record you are looking for, and plan to wait at least three months before receiving any materials. Because of its port status and history, New York is always inundated with record requests, and it takes some time to process and research each one.)

If you happen to be in the New York City area, stopping by the Division of Old Records can help to accelerate procedures significantly. The Division of Old Records is located in Rm 703 (7th floor) of 31 Chamber St (near the corner with Centre St). Normal operating hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by appointment only. The office is always closed on Saturday, Sunday, and all holidays. For details, call (212) 374-4376 or (212) 374-4781 during these hours.

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