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Missoula and Ravalli County, Montana Cemeteries

Cemetery transcriptions for Victor and St Joseph cemeteries in Ravalli County and for Florence Carlton Cemetery in Missoula County, MT.


All three of the cemeteries transcribed in this database are located in the Bitterroot Valley, south of Missoula. Victor Cemetery, in Ravalli County, Montana, lies on a sloping hill about a mile and a half northwest of the city. St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, also in Ravalli County, Montana, lies in the center of Florence, across the street from the St. Joseph Church. Florence Carlton Cemetery, in Missoula County, Montana, lies barely over the Ravalli County border, although it serves the community of Florence. Originally, another town by the name of Carlton existed in the area, but it is now gone. The more than 4,800 records from the cemeteries in this database list each person's last name, first name, birth date, death date, and other miscellaneous notes, which may include military and/or family information. The cemeteries were first used in the late 1800s and all continue in operation at the present time. This compilation was created in early 2000 from tombstone inscriptions and/or existing records held by the cemetery caretaker. Researchers of Montana history and/or those with family members buried in western Montana will find this database very useful.
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