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Waldo County, Maine Deaths, 1743-1892: Belfast

An extraction of death records from Belfast in Waldo County, Maine between 1743 and 1892.


Belfast, Maine is located in Waldo County and was incorporated in 1773. It is located on the coast of Maine and has about 6,000 residents. This database includes Belfast death records between 1773 and 1892. However, there are several deaths included in this database prior to 1773 (hence the dates in the database title). There are more than 5,500 entries in the database, and each includes first, middle, and last names, and maiden names in brackets. The entries also include spouses' names and/or parents' names, cause of death, date of death, place of death (if other than Belfast), and age at death. There are several sources for the information, and variants of data are given in brackets. Variants would include dates, names, and ages. The sources include church, county, and town records, along with more than 150 private sources.

There are a large number of men in the database who are listed as having died during the Civil War. The database gives places of these deaths, and in some cases, it lists the actual battle. One, Samuel Houston, is listed as being a bodyguard for Gen. George Washington. There is another one, John Cochran, in the death records, who is said to have been part of the Boston Tea Party.

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