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Tryon County, North Carolina Court Minutes, 1769-79

Extracts of minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions in Tryon County, North Carolina.


The single most important record for any North Carolina county is the minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. The Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions is the lowest court of record for the county. More people's names appear in this court record than in any other body of county records. Lists of deeds proved and recorded are found in the court minutes, as well as lists of wills proved or administrations on intestate estates taken out. Tryon County was abolished in 1779 to form Lincoln and Rutherford counties. Of the four counties involved in the North Carolina-South Carolina border problem during the colonial period (Tryon, Mecklenburg, Anson, and Bladen), Tryon County is the only one that has extant court minutes for the period prior to the border surveys.

Extended Description

Tryon County was in the southwesternmost part of North Carolina. It was formed in 1769 from the western part of Mecklenburg County, and it was bounded on the north by Rowan County. Its western boundary was the Indian line run in 1767, and its southern boundary (the South Carolina line) was not surveyed west of the Catawba River until 1772. The first court for Tryon County was held at the plantation of Charles McLean, a location that is in present-day York County, South Carolina. The border survey of 1772 reduced the size of Tryon County by approximately one-half. Many of the Tryon County grants and plats are included in North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina, also by Mr. Holcomb.

The construcion of roads and the road juries (sometimes called road gangs) who were to lay out and maintain the roads are spelled out in these records. Civil suits involving less than $150 (usually over debt), minor criminal cases, depositions, jury lists, tax officials' names with their districts, tavern licenses and tavern rates, and care of the poor of the county are among the many kinds of records included in the court minutes.

The records in this volume were extracted from the microfilm copy (produced by the North Carolina Department of Archives and History) of the Tryon County Court Minutes (C.094.30001). The original volumes from which the microfilm was made are housed in archives in Raleigh. This information has also been published in book form, entitled Tryon County, North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessionsby Brent H. Holcomb. A hard-cover version of the book is available from Brent H. Holcomb, P.O. Box 21766, Columbia, SC 29221.

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