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Wisconsin Marriages, 1835-1900

Marriage records from various counties in Wisconsin between 1835 and 1900.


Originally settled as a center for traders, the first large-scale immigration into Wisconsin began in the 1820s, due to an increase in mining in the southern areas of the territory. This database update adds Grant County records between 1835 and 1890 to previously posted marriages from Grant (1891-1900), Jackson, and Monroe counties. Taken from microfilm copies of original county documents, each record provides spouses' names, marriage date, and county of residence.

Extended Description

Grant County:

Grant County records span from 1835 to 1900. The county was formed in 1836 from nearby Iowa County. Lancaster is the county seat.

Original data: Grant County, Wisconsin Marriages, 1835-1890. County court records located at Lancaster, WI or FHL #1266662 and 1266982-1266988.

Jackson County:

Jackson County records span from 1854 to 1900. The county was formed in 1853 from La Crosse County. Black River Falls is the county seat. Records for 1854-59 were extracted at the county courthouse.

Original data: Jackson County, Wisconsin Marriages, 1854-1900. County court records located at Black River Falls, WI or FHL #1266680-1266682.

Monroe County:

Monroe County records span from 1854 to 1900. The county was formed in 1854 from La Crosse County. Sparta is the county seat.

Original data: Monroe County, Wisconsin Marriages, 1854-1900. County court records located at Sparta, WI or FHL #1275705 and 1292393-1292396.

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