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Nevada State Census, 1875

An extraction of the Nevada state census of 1875.


In 1875, the state legislature of Nevada ordered a state census. During the first 15 years of statehood, Nevada had seen an enormous influx of people. The silver boom was at its height, and the population was higher than it would be at any time during the 19th century. This database contains more than 51,000 people listed in that state census. This update adds information from Storey County to that of Churchill, Douglas, Elko, Esmeralda, Eureka, Landon, Lincoln, Lyon, Nye, Ormsby, Washoe, and White Pine and counties. For each entry, the person's name, age, gender, occupation, status as head of household, and place of residence are listed. Where the census noted that a couple was married within the year or that parents were of foreign birth, these facts are also mentioned.

In many places, the census was haphazardly completed. Also, the head of household in many instances is not easily determined. Where this is the case, a member of the household has been listed as the "head," even though contemporaries may not have recognized that person as such. This allows the researcher to see all of the residents of the household by searching on the name listed as head.

This database was compiled from a transcription made in 1876 from the original enumerator's records. While there were apparent errors in the original source, it has been recorded intact, and the interpretation has been left to the researcher.

Many minorities were not named in the original census. The Native American and Chinese populations were more often counted than named. Over forty foreign countries and more than forty American states are listed as places of birth for Nevada residents of these counties. For this reason, it is a valuable research tool.

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