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New York City, Public School Teacher Retirement List, 1895 - 1915

This database lists names of teachers who retired from teaching in New York City between 1895 and 1915.


At the turn of the century five separate boroughs combined to form New York City as we know it today. The 2,018 retired public school teachers in this database lived and taught in all five boroughs both before and after New York City unified. This database contains the full name, maiden name if listed, date of birth, address in 1915 if living at time of publication, and date of death if deceased at time of publication. The majority of the school teachers represented here were born prior to The Civil War, with some born as early as the 1810s.
This database will be useful to the researcher in several ways. Armed with a 1915 address, a researcher can locate one of these teachers in the 1915 New York State Census. To find teachers who resided outside New York City, a researcher can appeal to directories and vital records specific to the area where that retired teacher lived. For those teachers whom the directory lists as deceased, the directory supplies death dates which can lead to a death certificate and to probate records.
Those researchers who consult the original text of the publication will discover the name of the public school where a teacher worked, the position held, the date of appointment to that New York school, the number of years employed in New York as a teacher, the number of years employed outside of New York as a teacher, the date of retirement, and the teacher's annual salary and annuity.

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Original Work is housed in: Room #112 New York City Municipal Archives Library 31 Chambers Street New York City, New York NYC Municipal Archives call number: ED9.71 R31
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