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Nevada State Journal, 1870-1900

Entries from the Nevada State Journal include birth, marriage, and death information for residents of Nevada and parts of Northern California


The Nevada State Journal was the leading newspaper in Nevada for more than a hundred years. It was headquartered in Reno. Beginning in 1870, it told the stories that Nevadans wanted to hear. It also reported the everyday lives of its readers. In addition, when news of far-off relatives reached Reno, it was often published in the newspaper. This database shows the births, marriages, and deaths of the local population, not only in Nevada, but also through northern California as well. It covers the years of 1870-1900. Other information that might be of genealogical value is also included, such as anniversary celebrations, divorce decrees, and names of survivors of the deceased. With just over 6,300 records, it is an invaluable tool for research in Nevada prior to the 20th century. There are two limitations to this database: Very few minorities are included. While the story of a murder of an Indian or Chinese man may have been reported, most of the time, his name was not included. Also, vital statistics records seem to have been run on a "space available" basis. When it was a slow news day, everyone was mentioned. When there was a lot to report, very few births and deaths are mentioned. For this reason, many people are omitted. If a death was particularly interesting, it was reported with full details. This may explain the large number of murders and suicides included in this database.

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