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Nevada Directory 1868-69

This database is a collection of people with addresses living in Nevada in 1868 - 1869


This helpful database is a collection of persons living in Nevada with addresses in 1868 - 1869. Similar to a telephone listing, this work provides valuable information for over four thousand settlers in the state. In addition to listing the person's name and residence, often occupation or place of work is listed.

Extended Description

In 1868, Nevada was a booming mining state. Gold and silver mines brought prospectors and miners from all over the world. This database lists the occupants of Nevada's mining communities and includes the address (location) and occupation of each person listed. With just over 4,200 names, the collection is not a complete list of Nevadans at the time. However, because it lists many women and working-class men, as well as the professional men, it is an invaluable research tool for the area. The rapid growth of the area is reflected in the fact that many people are listed as boarding with others or living in businesses, churches, and post offices. This sometimes makes the "location" as given in the source unclear because it can be difficult to know whether the address is the person's residence or place of work.

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