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Pacific Coast Directory, 1867

Pacific Coast Business Directory of 25,200 names for 1867


Containing the name & address of each merchant, manufacturer and professional residing in the states of California, Oregon & Nevada, territories of Washington, Idaho and Utah and the colony of British Columbia. Compiled by Henry G. Langley

Extended Description

In 1867 the North American west was growing at an unparalleled pace. The promise of wealth from abundant land or mining lured hundreds of thousands west or to the American continent. This database relates some of the west#s most enterprising souls by listing the business and professional persons in the western states of California, Oregon and Nevada, the territories of Washington, Idaho and Utah, and the colony of British Columbia. Information provided includes the name of the merchant, location and occupation. With over 25,200 names, this collection is an extensive look at the merchant and professional population in the area. The seeds of what the west was to become are visible in this collection. The names reflect a wide ethnic diversity as the Chinese and Irish immigrants are listed next to their Italian, German, French and Mexican neighbors. Included also are two bits of American history: in San Francisco, a man named Levi Strauss was making pants, and a man named James Folger owned a small coffee company.

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