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Leavenworth County, Kansas Deaths, 1891-1911

Death records kept by the city clerk between 1891 and 1911.


By decision of the state legislature, Leavenworth, Kansas was required to collect birth and death records beginning in 1891. This database is a collection of those records from August 1891 to 1911. City doctors and coroners gave the information on cards to the city clerk who probably entered the cards into a logbook (which is not known to survive). These typed cards (most likely compiled as a WPA project) have some hand written changes made on them. These changes are in parentheses in this collection. Each record provides the decedent's name, cemetery of burial, sex, race, and death date. Page and card numbers are provided to aid in obtaining a copy of the record. For researchers of eastern Kansas ancestors, this collection can be a source of helpful information.

Extended Description

Copies of a particular card are available for a donation to the Leavenworth County Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 362, Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-0362.

This index was compiled by Lula Dillon for the Leavenworth County Genealogical Society.

Beginning in 1911 the state vital statistics office began keeping birth and death records for Leavenworth.

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