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Clark County, Indiana Census, 1880

Some federal census records for residents of Clark County, Indiana in 1880


Located in southern Indiana directly across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky, Clark County was named for George Rogers Clark who established a settlement in the area after the Revolutionary War. This database, taken from microfilm copies of original federal documents, is a collection of census records for county residents in 1880. Entries in the collection include the resident's name, age, sex, race, marital status, and place of birth. Also provided for each individual is the district in which they lived. This update brings the number of names to over 11,000. This information will be of interest to those who have familial ties in the county and can used as a starting point for further research into the lives of these ancestors.

Extended Description

Many pages of this census are damaged and some have writing so faded and faint that it becomes nearly illegible in places. When the transcriber was uncertain of a name, age or other data, the information is followed by "??". Empty fields were either blank on the page or were completely illegible.

District 21 Bethlehem Township, enumerated by W. S. Jones

District 22, Carr Township, enumerated by Levi King

District 32, Oregon Township, enumerated by J. P. Carr

District 23 Charlestown Township, enumerated by Colden C. White

District 24 City of Charlestown, enumerated by Wm. Kirkpatrick

Fort Clark later became known as Clarksville. According to the Clark-Floyd Counties Convention and Tourism Bureau "Clarksville is the oldest Anglo-American town in the Old Northwest."

Clark County is also home to the oldest cemetery (Silver Creek, first burial was in 1805) in Indiana, Jeffersonville (southern Indiana's second largest city), the Colgate plant (used to house the Southern Indiana Reformatory), the Howard Steamboat Museum.

In 1880 there were over 20,000 people living in Clark Co. Approximately, half of the population was living in the towns of Jeffersonville and Clarksville in Jeffersonville Township.

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