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Swanton, Vermont Church Records, 1858-84

Records of marriages and baptisms in St. Mary's Parish, Vermont between 1858 and 1884


Located just minutes from the borders of Canada and New York, St. Mary's Parish is in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties in Vermont. This database contains baptisms and marriages from the parish between 1858 and 1884. Each record provides valuable information regarding the individual's birth date, parents, godparents, residence, and witnesses. In many of the records the person's French and Latin names are given as well as multiple spellings. It contains the names of over 7500 persons. With such detailed records, this database can be a helpful source of information to researchers of French/Canadian ancestors who may have lived in this northern Vermont community.

Extended Description

The original records from which this database was taken are in the possession of St. Mary's Church of the Nativity in Swanton, Vermont.
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