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Wisconsin Men of Progress

Compendium of biographies of important Wisconsin men around the turn of the twentieth century


Home to over 2 million people in 1900, Wisconsin was an important part of the rapidly industrialized Midwest. This database is a collection of brief portraits and biographies of important men of the state. A large compendium, it provides information on civic, political and business leaders of the state at the end of the nineteenth century. It also includes some members of the clergy, and a small number of musical and artistic figures. Additionally, a brief historical introduction precedes the biographies. For researchers of Wisconsin ancestors, this can be an illuminating source of information.
 •  Harriet Bishop, First Years of Minnesota  Historical sketchesof the early years of Minnesota
 •  Wisconsin Births, 1820-1907  Birth index created by the state for Wisconsin from 1820 to 1907.
 •  Wisconsin Marriages, 1835-1900  Marriage records from various counties in Wisconsin between 1835 and 1900.
 •  Minnie Carrigan, Captured by the Indians  Recollections by a Minnesota pioneer of capture by Indians
 •  WWI Civilian Draft Registrations  Draft registration cards for 1.2 million men between 1917 and 1918
 •  Wisconsin Notable Men  Biographical listing of several hundred important men of Wisconsin before the start of the twentieth century
 •  Michigan Pioneer Society Collections Report, Vol. 12  A collection of several kinds of important historical documents published by the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society.
 •  George W. Bryan, Recollections of a California Pioneer  The long progress of one pioneer family
 •  Pacific Coast Directory, 1867  Pacific Coast Business Directory of 25,200 names for 1867
 •  Essex County, Massachusetts Depositions, 1636-86  An extraction of depositions from Essex County, Massachusetts between 1636 and 1686.

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