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Wisconsin Notable Men

Biographical listing of several hundred important men of Wisconsin before the start of the twentieth century


An important part of the Great Lakes region of the United States, Wisconsin boasted a population of nearly a quarter million around the turn of the twentieth century. Originally published in 1902, this database is a biographical listing of several hundred important male residents of the state. Each entry includes helpful information regarding the individual's occupation, distinguished achievements, and location of business. Although a number of the entries are for lawyers, judges, politicians, civil servants, physicians, bankers, journalists and educators are also represented. For researchers of ancestors from late nineteenth century Wisconsin, this can be a helpful source of information.
 •  Essex County, Massachusetts Depositions, 1636-86  An extraction of depositions from Essex County, Massachusetts between 1636 and 1686.
 •  Wisconsin Births, 1820-1907  Birth index created by the state for Wisconsin from 1820 to 1907.
 •  Wisconsin Marriages, 1835-1900  Marriage records from various counties in Wisconsin between 1835 and 1900.
 •  Minnie Carrigan, Captured by the Indians  Recollections by a Minnesota pioneer of capture by Indians
 •  Wisconsin Men of Progress  Compendium of biographies of important Wisconsin men around the turn of the twentieth century
 •  WWI Civilian Draft Registrations  Draft registration cards for 1.2 million men between 1917 and 1918
 •  Michigan Pioneer Society Collections Report, Vol. 12  A collection of several kinds of important historical documents published by the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society.
 •  Pacific Coast Directory, 1867  Pacific Coast Business Directory of 25,200 names for 1867
 •  Scots-Irish  History of Scots-Irish with most notable events in Scottish history
 •  Nicholas Brewer, American Painter  Autobiography of a notable Minnesotan painter

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