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LDS Military Records, 1840-47

Listing of members of the Nauvoo Legion and Mormon Battalion


Formed shortly after the founding of Nauvoo, Illinois, the Nauvoo Legion was a part of the Illinois Militia even though all its members were Latter-day Saints. This database is a listing of men who served in the legion between 1840 and 1844. It also contains a listing of men mustered in July 1846 into what was called the Mormon Battalion. Each entry contains the soldier's name, rank and commission date. Containing the names of nearly 1000 men, it can be a helpful source of information for researchers of early Mormon ancestors.

Extended Description

The Illinois Militia records were taken from the Illinois State Library at Springfield, Illinois. Contained in the Illinois State Militia Commission Records, 1834-1855 they can be found in volumes 14:1163-1165 and 17:39-45.

Records for the Mormon Battalion were taken from A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion by Sergeant Daniel Tyler.

Names have been recorded as they appeared in the original documents, except where known errors created confusion.

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