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Michigan Missionary Labors

Narrative of a missionary who labored in Michigan among both Native Americans and white settlers


In addition to fur trappers, explorers, and settlers who came to the American Midwest, Christian missionaries sought to spread their message in the area. This database is a collection of memoirs of one such missionary, Samuel Mazzuchelli who lived in region between 1828 and 1864. Born and educated in Milan, Italy, young Samuel helped to build churches, organize schools, and preach in both French and English. Researchers will find descriptions of his missions among Native Americans in Wisconsin and Michigan and his dealings with Catholic and Protestant immigrants in Wisconsin and Iowa. In addition, Mazzuchelli includes his commentary on the present and future state of Christianity in the United States. For researchers of community life in the early Midwest, this can be an interesting and informative database.
 •  William Taylor, Preaching in California, 1849-56  Narrative of the missionary labors of William Taylor in California between 1849 aqnd 1856
 •  E. S. Seymour, Sketches of Minnesota  Collection of sketches describing Minnesota as the "New England of the West."
 •  Michigan Marriages, 1851-75  Index to marriage records for various counties in Michigan.
 •  Iosco County, Michigan WWI Veterans Index  An index of WWI veterans who applied for a State of Michigan War Bonus, as well as some who died while in service.
 •  Iosco County, Michigan Naturalization Index, 1885-1910  An index to individual court cases dealing with naturalization in Iosco County, Michigan.
 •  Michigan Pioneer Society Collections Report, Vol. 12  A collection of several kinds of important historical documents published by the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society.
 •  Oakland County, Michigan Vital Records, 1800-1917  Some birth, marriage, and death records for residents of Oakland County, Michigan between 1800 and 1917
 •  John Commons, Laborer in America, 1934  Autobiography of an important Midwest labor advocate in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
 •  James Woods, Church Work in California, 1850-60  Narrative of a minister for the Presbyterian Church who labored in California in the nineteenth century.
 •  Ft. Smith Criminal Case Files, 1866-1900  Database of criminal case files

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