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Daniel Mevis, Growth of Lansing, Michigan

Recollections of the development of Lansing, Michigan in the nineteenth century


Daniel Mevis moved with his family to Lansing, Michigan in 1847 as the town was being laid out as the future capitol of the state. This database contains his recollections of the early settlement and development of the town. He includes descriptions of growing up as a companion to members of the Okemos Indian tribe, hunting deer in the area, and canoeing in a small dugout. He also provides a list of some of Lansing's early inhabitants. Working as a farm hand, town crier, and a "printer's devil" at the local newspaper, Mevis affords a commoner's view of the town and its culture. For those persons wishing to better understand the growth of this important Midwest town, this database can be illuminating and informative.
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