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Wisconsin Historical Society, Vol. 30

Collection of academic papers regarding the history of Wisconsin around the turn of the century.


As one of the most important historical societies in the Midwest, the Wisconsin State Historical Society has preserved helpful documents from the region since the nineteenth century. This database is a collection of academic papers presented around the turn of the century. It provides important information regarding the Native Americans of the area, railroad expansion, and forts around Detroit and Green Bay. Additionally, it provides facts and figures about the fur trading industry. For researchers of Wisconsin ancestors, this database can illuminate historical aspects of the area not commonly known.
 •  Chicago Irish Families, 1875-1925  12,500 records of Chicago's Irish families, often immigrants
 •  New York City Reformed Dutch Marriage Records, 1639-95  Marriage records from the Reformed Dutch Church in New York between 1639-1695
 •  Virginia Colonial Soldiers  Listing of over 6000 men who served in the colonial militia of Virginia
 •  Fort Omaha, Nebraska Directory, 1888-96  Listing of soldiers and civilians living at Fort Omaha in Nebraska between 1888 and 1896
 •  Utah Cemetery Inventory  Cemetery and tombstone information compiled by the Utah State Historical Society.
 •  Utah Cemeteries  Utah Cemetery information compiled by the Utah State Historical Society.
 •  Riley County, Kansas State Census, 1915  An extraction of census records from the Riley County, Kansas State Census of 1915.
 •  Riley County, Kansas Census, 1875  Riley County Kansas census records for the year 1875
 •  Jane Swisshelm, Letters of an Abolitionist  Letters written by Jane Swisshelm regarding the abolitionist cause and feminist issues
 •  Midwest Pioneers: Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Vol. 17  Records related to the early settlement of the Great Lakes region.

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