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Bennington, Vermont Cemetery Inscriptions

Listing of headstone inscriptions in Bennington, Vermont cemeteries


Once a part of New Hampshire in the 1750s and New York in the 1760s, the town of Bennington, is now located in the southwestern corner of Vermont. This database is a collection of headstone inscriptions from cemeteries in the town and contains nearly 12,000 records. Each record provides the name of decedent, sex, birth date, death date, age, and death location. In many cases it provides the names of parents or spouse. Additionally, it reveals veteran information, location of the headstone within the cemetery, date the inscription was recorded in this collection, and the transcriber's surname. To those seeking ancestors from western Vermont, this can be a helpful and informative database.

Extended Description

In some instances, a person had a separate, smaller stone inscribed with just their first name, which was arranged around a family monument. This larger family monument provided more detail concerning the individual. Whenever possible, these small stones are cross-referenced to the family monuments.
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