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New York Military Equipment Claims, War of 1812

List of claims to the State of New York for arms and clothing provided by individual members of the state militia


As with nearly all early state militias, volunteers in the New York state militia during the War of 1812 provided their own arms and clothing. This database is an index of claims presented to the State of New York for payment of expenses for military clothing and equipment provided by volunteers during the war. These claims were for clothing and equipment "which were depreciated, worn out, lost and destroyed in said service for which he had not received payment." Only the claims of those who performed duty "in the service of the State" were paid. Some additional claims were paid in good faith by the State, but as late as 1885, 17,228 claims were unpaid. Records indicate that these claims were never paid. The original declarations of claims from which the index was compiled are on file in the Bureau of War Records maintained by the Division of Military and Naval Affairs, Public Security Building, Albany, New York, 12206. The declaration indicates the claimants name and military grade, inclusive period of service and land warrant, if any, granted as a result of his service.
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