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Alexander Campbell, Address on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Address on the climate, soil, resources, development, commerce and future of the upper peninsula of Michigan


Alexander Campbell, a state representative from Marquette, presented this address on February 6, 1861 to the Michigan State Legislature, which resolved that 5,000 copies of it be printed and distributed. Campbell extols the resources and development prospects of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and attempts to balance prevailing assumptions about its frigid climate and long winters with positive descriptions of its dry, clean air and therapeutic value for invalids, particularly during the summer months. Among the area's natural advantages, Campbell cites natural harbors, abundant fisheries, mineral wealth (especially iron and copper), lumber (vast stands of hardwood timber), and agricultural potential. Though the winter air might be too bracing for those suffering from tuberculosis, Campbell believes that it virtually eliminates the feverish colds and barking coughs of damper, more changeable climates. He argues, however, that highways and ports must be developed to improve transportation and export of the region's products.
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