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Shasta County, California Marriages, 1852-1904

Records of over 3200 marriages in Shasta County, California between 1852 and 1904


Because of the California Gold Rush and later extensive hard rock mining enterprises, Shasta County was a major center of immigration. If you want to find Northern European and Scottish, English, and Irish immigrants, this is a good place to start. This book was first published by the Shasta Genealogical Society in 1977and updated in 2000. There are 3,248 marriages listed in this publication with the grooms listed in alphabetical order and their brides listed with them. To find a Bride where a groom's name is unknown, use the "find on this page" function which is usually found under "edit" on the Toolbar. The capital letters and numbers under the Book and Page columns indicate where the marriage was recorded by the County Clerk. The book is available from the Shasta Genealogical Society and contains both a Groom and Bride Index. You may contact the Shasta Genealogical Society at
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