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E. S. Seymour, Sketches of Minnesota

Collection of sketches describing Minnesota as the "New England of the West."


The early settlers to Minnesota found a land rich in natural resources and already inhabited by several Native American cultures. This database is a collection of sketches by E. S. Seymour who describes the territory as "the New England of the west." Researchers will find descriptions of the geography and climate as well as characterizations of some of the local Indian tribes. For those seeking to understand the larger context in which ancestors may have lived, this can be a helpful source of information.

Extended Description

Beginning with a historical and geographical overview, this traveler's account of the newly formed Minnesota Territory provides practical information for readers interested in relocating to the region. Seymour describes "everything" in Minnesota as "in a crude state, or process of formation," but compares its scenery, pine forests, and extensive waterpower to New England. He also notes that both regions are at a northern latitude and have a "healthy climate" conducive to habits of "industry and enterprise." Sketches of Minnesota has detailed if generally unfavorable things to say about Native American religious practices and intertribal relations. It also discusses life at various missionary and trading stations, and Seymour's exploration of both Fountain and Carver's Caves, and gives detailed information about waterways, quality of water, steamboats, and lodging for travelers. A foldout map is included.

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