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Minnesota Guide, 1869

A hand Book of Information for the Travelers, Pleasure Seekers and Immigrants to Minnesota


The promotion of Minnesota as a vacation and settlement destination became an important part of the economy in the mid-1850s. This database is the 1869 version of an annual publication designed to promote the state and provide information about it to prospective settlers. It describes the history and geography of the state and its climate, natural resources, principal towns, and important sites. For researchers seeking to understand the larger context in which their Minnesotan ancestors lived, this can be an illuminating narrative.

Extended Description

This is the 1869 version of an annual publication designed promote the state of Minnesota and to provide information about it to prospective settlers. The Minnesota Guide describes the history and geography of the state; its climate and natural resources; its size and population growth; its agricultural production and the processes for obtaining land; its principal towns and sites; and its educational system. Arranged according to major railroad and steamship routes, this booklet also includes many illustrated advertisements for local goods and services.
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