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Minnesota, 1870

Promotional literature for the state of Minnesota including pictures and maps in 1870


As the bulk of western settlers sought locations farther west following the American Civil War, some states, like Minnesota, began to promote the beneficial aspects of living in their area. This database is a promotional tract produced by some businessmen in the state and seeks to draw more immigrants and settlers to the area. It provides detailed descriptions of the counties and towns of the state, business opportunities, social advantages and weather patterns. For those seeking to understand the larger context in which their ancestors lived, this can be a helpful narrative.

Extended Description

Minnesota as it is in 1870 is a detailed piece of promotional literature intended to attract settlers to the state of Minnesota. It is typical of many such publications that circulated during this period of Minnesota's development. The book is divided into two parts. The first part covers the state as a whole, and is a positive, statistical overview of Minnesota. It offers description and data such as the geographical size of the state, the population and national background of its inhabitants, the weather and climate benefits for persons suffering from consumption (tuberculosis), a theme repeated in other promotional works, and information about agricultural advances. This section also cites increased livestock production, cultivated land, developed forest industries and resources, education, and commercial promise as inducements to immigrants. The second part of the book provides a description of each county that had been established in Minnesota by 1870.
 •  Frank Moore, Reminiscences of St. Paul, Minnesota  Reminiscences of Pioneer Days in St. Paul from the perspective of a newspaper writer.
 •  E. S. Seymour, Sketches of Minnesota  Collection of sketches describing Minnesota as the "New England of the West."
 •  Jane Swisshelm, Letters of an Abolitionist  Letters written by Jane Swisshelm regarding the abolitionist cause and feminist issues
 •  Harriet Bishop, First Years of Minnesota  Historical sketchesof the early years of Minnesota
 •  Bill Ledyard, Health Benefits of Minnesota  Narrative describing the beneficial elements of Minnesota's character and climate
 •  Minnesota Guide, 1869  A hand Book of Information for the Travelers, Pleasure Seekers and Immigrants to Minnesota
 •  Benton, Meeker, and Todd Counties, Minnesota Farm Directory, 1913-14  An extraction of a farm directory for Benton, Meeker, and Todd counties in Minnesota between 1913 and 1914.
 •  William Folsom, Fifty Years in the Northwest  Autobiography of a state legislator and pioneer from Maine
 •  Henry Sibley, Autobiography  Unfinished autobiography of Minnesota's first governor, Henry Sibley
 •  Rice County, Minnesota Births, 1870-74  Birth records for over 2100 children born in Rice County, Minnesota between 1870 and 1874

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