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Thaddeus Kenderdine, California Travels, 1858-59

Travel writings of Thaddeus Kenderdine as he journied through California in 1858 and 1859


After California became a part of the United States many Americans traveled west to experience this beautiful new territory. This database, another in a series provided by the Library of Congress, contains the travel writings of Thaddeus Kenderdine as he made his way from Philadelphia to the California and back to New York between 1858 and 1859. It recounts his adventures as a wagon driver, ranch hand and amateur writer and reveals a wealth of information regarding the area. For those attempting to understand the broader culture in which their ancestors lived, this can be a useful source of information.
 •  Friedrich Gerstacker, A German Perspective  The perspective of a German adventurer in California
 •  Frank Marryat, California Mountains and Molehills, 1855  Observations of an English adventurer in California between 1850-1855.
 •  Lloyd Briggs, Trips to California  Narrative describing the travels through California by Lloyd Briggs
 •  Jane Swisshelm, Letters of an Abolitionist  Letters written by Jane Swisshelm regarding the abolitionist cause and feminist issues
 •  Aiken County, South Carolina Cemetery Inscriptions  Headstone inscriptions from five Aiken, South Carolina area cemeteries
 •  Thaddeus Kenderdine, Return to California, 1898  Narrative of an East Coast native traveling to California forty years after he mined gold in the region.
 •  John Muir in the Sierras  Narrative of John Muir's first summer in northern California in 1868
 •  New York City Police Census, 1890  Partial city census listing of New York City residents in 1890.
 •  Walter Colton, Three Years in California, 1846-49  The 1846-1849 journal of Walter Colton, member of California's high society
 •  Felix Wierzbicki, California Guidebook, 1849  A straightforward guide book to California's 1849 gold fields

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