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Illinois Servitude and Emancipation Records, 1720-1865

Index of slave records contained in the Illinois State Archives for persons who were bought, sold or emancipated between 1720 and 1865


Governed by the French, English and United States governments respectively, the area of Illinois has been home to a diverse population since the first French trappers hunted there. Whether by indenture or outright slavery, some residents of the area were owned by others. This database is an index of servitude records held by the Illinois State Archives. It contains the names of over 2000 persons who were bought, sold, or emancipated between 1720 and 1865. Researchers will find name, sex, race, and county of residence information for the slave. Additionally document type and date of record are also provided for those wishing to view the original record in possession of the archives. To those seeking Illinois slave ancestors, this can be a helpful source of information.
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