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Northern Michigan, Newspaper Surname Index

Surname index to 14 newspapers published in northern Michigan between 1870 and 1930


The counties of Cheboygan and Mackinac, in northern Michigan, have been home to a number of newspapers since the mid-1800's. Collected from 14 different newspapers published in the two counties, this database is an index of persons whose names appeared in these publications for one reason or another between 1871 and 1929. This update to the existing file brings the total to about 26,700. It was compiled from records contained in the Cheboygan Public Library, St. Ignace Public Library, Mackinaw Public Library, and the State of Michigan Library at Lansing. Death notices, marriages, anniversaries, divorces, adoptions, and naturalizations are among the most common reasons a person's name would appear in the newspaper. Married women are listed under both their spouse's name and their maiden name. An asterisk indicates that only a microfilm copy is extant. Copies of individual articles can be obtained by contacting the Cheboygan Public Library, St. Ignace Public Library, or Mackinaw Public Library.

Extended Description

The following are the newspapers included in this index:

Cheboygan County Era (24 Oct 1907 - 30 Sep 1909)

Cheboygan Democrat (4 Mar 1880 - 22 Dec 1927)

Cheboygan Daily Herald (15 Nov 1904)

Cheboygan Daily Tribune (25 Oct 1915 - 13 Feb 1924)

Cheboygan Free Press (9 Jun 1875 - 9 Nov 1876)

Cheboygan News (30 Jun 1909 - 31 Aug 1910)

Cheboygan Observer (22 Dec 1927 - 20 Jun 1929)

Harbor Springs Standard (9 Oct 1896)

Mackinaw Witness (Feb 1892 - 30 Nov 1899)

Manitawauba Chronicle (28 Jan 1871 - 20 May 1871)

St. Ignace Democrat (30 Mar 1888)

St. Ignace Enterprise (27 Nov 1913 - 12 Feb 1925)

St. Ignace News (22 Feb 1887 - 22 May 1897)

St. Ignace Republican (13 May 1893 - 17 Jul 1893)

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