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Johnson Cemetery, Camden, New Jersey

Interment records for the cemetery, includes many African-American names


Granted to Jacob Johnson, Anthony Collings, and Luke Derrockson in a deed dated 20 January 1854, Johnson Cemetery is the resting place for many important African-Americans, among them W. Miles Butts, the first black policeman of Camden, New Jersey. Additionaly, it is the burial place of over 107 black veterans of the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War One. This database is a collection of interment records for the cemetery and provides the deceased name and death date. Also, where available, information regarding birth date, military service, and parent's names is provided. For researchers of African-American ancestors and residents of New Jersey, this can be a valuable database.

Extended Description

Information for this database was taken from headstones inscriptions and from cards compiled from the WPA in the 1930's. Entries within brackets "[ ]" contain headstone inscriptions transcribed by Mrs. Greenberg, while those without brackets are from WPA cards transcribed by Mrs. Greenberg. A slash "/" indicates the information came from two cards for the same person with differing data, such as name spelling, military service, or other. Some important abbreviations used in this database are: b = birth date, d = death date, f = father's name, m = mother's name, Enl = enlisted, Vol = volunteer, Dis = discharged, Co = company, Col = colored, Inf = infantry, Tr = troops, Regt = regiment, USCT = United States Colored Troops, and H = headstone inscription per card.
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