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Knoxville News-Sentinel (Tennessee) Obituaries, 1994-2000

Collection of some Tennessee newspaper obituaries between 1994 and early 2000.


Serving the eastern half Tennessee and a combined population of over half a million, the Knoxville News-Sentinel is one of the important newspapers in the state. This database is a collection of some obituaries from this newspaper between 1994 and early 2000. It also contains entries of varied public events. Information provided often includes birth date and location, occupation, military service, surviving family members, and other biographical facts. Compiled by the Bell and Howell Information and Learning Company in connection with the newspaper, it contains nearly 30,000 records and about 101,000 names. For questions regarding a particular obituary, direct inquiries to the newspaper at 208 West Church Ave., Knoxville, TN, 37902, (423) 523- 3131.

This database contains new material provided by the Bell and Howell Information and Learning Company and previously posted material under the titles UMI Obituaries, 1990-1997, Knoxville News-Sentinel (Tennessee), Obituaries, 1990-1998, and Knoxville News-Sentinel (Tennessee), Obituaries, 1994-1999.

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