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California and Californians, Vol. 4

Last volume covering California history containing biographical info on important men and women


This database is the last of four volumes covering the history of California. Beginning with the first Spanish settlers and continuing up through the start of the 20th Century, these volumes include more than simply a narrative history of the state. This final volume continues the biographical information on important men and women in the history of California begun in the preceding volume. Of particular use to the researcher are these brief histories and genealogies contained in this set. Names of ancestors and descendants are included in many entries, making this an invaluable tool for the researcher whose ancestors lived in California.
 •  Benjamin Avery, California Poetry and Prose, 1878  Poetic and descriptive tributes to the California landscape
 •  New York City Reformed Dutch Marriage Records, 1639-95  Marriage records from the Reformed Dutch Church in New York between 1639-1695
 •  Chicago Irish Families, 1875-1925  12,500 records of Chicago's Irish families, often immigrants
 •  Walter Colton, Three Years in California, 1846-49  The 1846-1849 journal of Walter Colton, member of California's high society
 •  Felix Wierzbicki, California Guidebook, 1849  A straightforward guide book to California's 1849 gold fields
 •  William H. Davis, Seventy-Five Years in California  Seventy-five years in California as recounted and observed by one prominent citizen
 •  Judge Benjamin Hayes, California Diary  Pioneer notes from the diaries of Judge Benjamin Hayes, 1849-1875.
 •  Leonard Kip, Gold Mine Sketches  Observations of a young New York lawyer turned prospector in 1849
 •  Frank Marryat, California Mountains and Molehills, 1855  Observations of an English adventurer in California between 1850-1855.
 •  Herman Scharmann, Journey to California  Overland journey of the Sharmann family from New York to California

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