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New York Chinese Exclusion Index

Index of New York INS Chinese Exclusion Act Case Files 1882-1960


This is an index to over 18,500 "Chinese Exclusion" case files created by the New York District Office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, ca. 1882-1960. The case files document the entry into the United States of Chinese aliens and the reentry of U.S. citizens of Chinese ancestry under the Chinese Exclusion Acts passed by Congress between 1882 and 1930, and repealed in 1943. The index includes names, often with aliases, and case numbers. Most entries include some or all of: age, birthplace, town of origin, occupation, name of wife, children, and sponsor, whether or not the case file includes a photograph, and comments. The case files are available from the Northeast Region (New York City) of the National Archives and Records Administration, 201 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014-4811, phone: (212) 337-1300, fax: (212) 337-1306, e-mail: Most case files include correspondence, lists of related cases, transcripts of interrogations, and witness statements. Some files include birth certificates, coaching documents, family history forms, and marriage licenses, and photographs of individuals and families.
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