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Irish Quaker Immigration into Pennsylvania

General history of immigration from Ireland focusing on the Quakers


This richly detailed database contains information regarding Quaker immigrants from Ireland to Pennsylvania. Compiled by Albert Myers, a member of the Pennsylvania Historical Society, this work narrates the general history of immigration from Ireland focusing on Quakers who came to the United States. In addition to the historical narrative, biographies of many immigrants, often containing birth and death dates, as well as some wills and probate records are included. For the researcher looking for Irish who immigrated to North America, this can be a tool of great value.
 •  Irish Records Extraction Database  Vital records from Irish counties including records from roughly 1600-1874
 •  Charles Holder, Life in California, early 1900s  Narrative of sport hunting and fishing in southern California
 •  Canadian Immigrant Records, Part One  Listing of over 193,000 Canadian immigrants who arrived as early as 1748
 •  Atlantic Ports, Gulf Coasts, and Great Lakes Passenger Lists, 1820-71  An extraction of 1800s passenger lists for those arriving at Atlantic, Gulf Coast, and Great Lakes ports.
 •  1930 United States Federal Census  
 •  Westborough, Massachusetts Census, 1870  Federal census records for over 3600 residents of Westborough, Massachusetts in 1870
 •  Pennsylvania Irish Quaker Immigrants, 1682-1750  Collection of records regarding early Quaker settlers to Pennsylvania from Ireland
 •  Pennsylvania Quaker Records  A collection of Quaker records from various towns and counties in Pennsylvania.
 •  Philadelphia Quaker Arrivals, 1682-1750  Listing of Quakers who immigrated to Philadelphia in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
 •  Chicago Irish Families, 1875-1925  12,500 records of Chicago's Irish families, often immigrants

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