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Iowa Progressive Men

Biographies of progressive men in Iowa history


This database contains the biographies and photographs of the pioneers and of the progressive men who participated in making Iowa history. These men include early explorers and settlers, leaders in business, politics and the professions. Also included in this database is a historical sketch of Iowa.
 •  Iowa Marriages, 1851-1900  Index to marriage records from various Iowa counties between 1851 and 1900.
 •  WWI Civilian Draft Registrations  Draft registration cards for 1.2 million men between 1917 and 1918
 •  Michigan Pioneer Society Collections Report, Vol. 12  A collection of several kinds of important historical documents published by the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society.
 •  Minnesota Progressive Men  Compendium of biographies of men important to the development of Minnesota in the nineteenth century
 •  Iowa City, Iowa Semi-Centennial Directory, 1840-90  Directory listing more than 2,600 names for Iowa City, Iowa, from 1840-1890.
 •  Pacific Coast Directory, 1867  Pacific Coast Business Directory of 25,200 names for 1867
 •  Essex County, Massachusetts Depositions, 1636-86  An extraction of depositions from Essex County, Massachusetts between 1636 and 1686.
 •  David A. Shaw, California As Seen by a Pioneer  Narrative of the building of California as told through the eyes of a pioneer
 •  William Folsom, Fifty Years in the Northwest  Autobiography of a state legislator and pioneer from Maine
 •  Chicago Irish Families, 1875-1925  12,500 records of Chicago's Irish families, often immigrants

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