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California Pioneers, 1542-1848

California inhabitants, pioneers, and a pioneer register


This compilation was extracted from the monumental seven-volume History of California by Hubert Bancroft. The information extracted was done with the genealogist in mind and includes lists of inhabitants, lists of pioneers, and a pioneer register. The first section is a list of all male inhabitants from 1769 through 1800 and the number following the name refers to the following dates (1) 1769-1773, (2) 1774-1780, (3) 1781-1790, and (4) 1791-1800. The second section is a list of pioneers with the date they arrived in the territory following the name. In the last section, biographies are given of selected settlers to the area. With such a wealth of information, this database is a must see for researching a California ancestor.
 •  Judge Benjamin Hayes, California Diary  Pioneer notes from the diaries of Judge Benjamin Hayes, 1849-1875.
 •  David A. Shaw, California As Seen by a Pioneer  Narrative of the building of California as told through the eyes of a pioneer
 •  Samuel Upham, Voyage to California, 1848  Narrative of an East Coast clerk's journey to California in 1848
 •  James Carson, California Mining Life, 1848-52  Narrative of a miner who came to California in 1848
 •  Frederick Gay, Sketches of California, 1848  Promotional guide book to California in 1848
 •  Walter Colton, Three Years in California, 1846-49  The 1846-1849 journal of Walter Colton, member of California's high society
 •  Felix Wierzbicki, California Guidebook, 1849  A straightforward guide book to California's 1849 gold fields
 •  William H. Davis, Seventy-Five Years in California  Seventy-five years in California as recounted and observed by one prominent citizen
 •  Conquerors of the West: Stalwart Mormon Pioneers, Vols. 1-2  
 •  Leonard Kip, Gold Mine Sketches  Observations of a young New York lawyer turned prospector in 1849

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